Saturday, March 17, 2007

I want - escrito 9

do you want to lick my nipples?
'cause I'd really like to feel
your tongue on me

when I think of you and me,
making love,
I just got wet between my legs,
and everything is like touching the sky.

with you inside of me,
and surrounding me with your arms
I want to feel your hands over my hips and waist,
going up to my breasts and shoulders.

I want you, babe, I want you so much
that the only thing that is left to me
is to touch myself thinking about us in bed

I want your hips above my hips,
and you penetrating me with every movement,
rhythmically, carefully, sofly.
Faster and faster,
until the fireworks explode.
To my friend T.P.A.